Here are some useful links that can help you with your pet.



Animal Resources and Service Providers


Bark Busters (Greg Kleva)
Bark Busters Home Dog Training was founded in 1989 and has quickly spread throughout the world. Operating in the U.S. since June 2000, Bark Busters has offices in 40 states with more than 400 franchise locations worldwide. Bark Busters Dog Behavioral Therapists have trained over 750,000 dogs worldwide, making Bark Busters the global leader in dog training.

Carl's Calm Canines
"My name is Carl Zive. I am a Dog Behaviorist trained under the guidance of Linn Boyke at ZEN4K9S. Linn was an apprentice to Cesar Millan, “The Dog Whisperer”, and is the only one authorized to teach his philosophy and his beliefs. I will provide you with solutions to your dogs’ unwanted behaviors by teaching you Dog Psychology. Allow me to show you how proper Leadership and Exercise can help you obtain a happy, balanced Calm Canine"

Animal Rehabilitators Alliance of New Jersey
Living in the most densely populated urbanized region in the United States, it is reasonable to expect animals and people will increasingly come into contact. These contacts may be positive or negative for both people and animals. Too frequently, contact leaves animals with urgent rehabilitation needs.

Animal Rehabilitator's Alliance and Garden State Wildlife Rehabilitators Cooperative are proud to present: 1-877-4-SAV-WILD

This toll free number gives information on what you should do when you find injured, sick, or orphaned wild animals, birds, marine mammals and reptiles. It will tell you when to and when to not rescue, how to transport the animal to a rehaber, and the names, phone numbers and locations of the rehabers.