Lost/Found Pets:

How can Park Ridge Animal Hospital help?

  1. We can scan for a microchip!

  2. If the pet doesn't have a chip, tag or has an unregistered chip, we can post a flyer on our bulletin board in the reception area and online. We will update flyers periodically. If you no longer need to have a flyer posted, please call us. If we contact you to get an update and we do not hear from you with 7 days, we will take down the flyer. You can call us or email.


Please note that Park Ridge and some surrounding towns have an animal control contract with TYCO Animal Control* (201-652-4554) not Bergen County Animal Shelter (201-229-4600). However your pet may have wandered into a town serviced by BCAS.

* If you are having a problem contacting TYCO, please email us for help.

Microchip Your Pet

Your pet is lost? Besides putting up and passing out flyers in the post office, supermarket, vet offices and pet stores; you should place an ad in the paper. You should also notify the company your pet's microchip is registered with.

Microchip Information: We implant the Home Again Chip. You can register your chip with either service.
This is a proactive service:
Original registry:

You can look up your Microchip by visiting Central Microchip Look Up (powered by AAHA).

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