Park Ridge Animal Hospital enjoys assisting some of our local rescue organizations with their animals in need.  Recently a cat stray came to us who really touched our hearts.  Rudd, as he was named for the person who was feeding him, was a stray cat.  He was living outdoors at someone’s house for a while and it showed.  His ears were tattered, his coat was coarse and greasy and he was very thin and sick.  To sum it up, he was a mess.  He was never neutered and because outdoor male cats tend to fight, he ended up contracting FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).  Although some cats can live a long healthy life with FIV, it would not be fair to put him back outside as he would infect other cats and continue to get sick as well.  He was such a sweet guy we just couldn’t bring ourselves to put him to sleep, which is sometimes the only option these cases.   A decision was made to try to nurse him back to health, neuter him and try to find him a home.  After a rough first few days, Rudd turned the corner and began to improve.  After several weeks he was healthy enough to be neutered.  One of our technicians found a home for him with a woman who has several other FIV positive cats.  After a month at PRAH, Rudd went to his new home where he is thriving.