Park Ridge Animal Hospital offers a wide variety of products to meet your pet’s needs.  We offer both prescription diets as well as some over the counter diets for cats and dogs.  We offer a fully stocked pharmacy to meet all your pet’s needs.  This includes the safest flea, tick, heartworm and parasite preventatives on the market.  We also offer nutritional supplements and homeopathic  remedies to treat a variety of ailments including joint and ligament problems, arthritis, inflammation, skin issues, allergies, liver and kidney issues and much more.  We also offer a full line of dental health products including toothbrushes, pastes, gels, special dental chews and dental diets.


Some of the products we recommend include: 

heartgard  “frontline-plus”  nexgard

Heartgard, Frontline and Nexgard
We carry and recommend these products by Merial. Heartgard is heartworm and intestinal parasite control medication. Frontline is a topical flea and tick medication and Nexgard is an oral flea and tick medication.

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rimadyl head logoWe want to thank you for your continued support and tell you about an exciting new program that can save you up to $50 on every bottle of RIMADYL you buy from PRAH.

Each time you buy RIMADYL, you’ll earn points that translate into dollar amounts you can spend exclusively at PRAH for any clinic expense (blood work, more RIMADYL, vaccines, dental, etc.)  Every time you purchase RIMADYL, please submit your veterinary invoice by visiting

rimadylClick on the "Request a RIMADYL Reward" link at the top of the page and register for the rewards program.

Invoices can be submitted on this website via fax, mail or uploading a photo of the image.  If you’re tech savvy, you can also download the free RIMADYL iTunes app to upload photos of your invoices.

Once you submit your invoice, you’ll receive a MasterCard Gift Card in the mail with free money that you can use exclusively at PRAH.

Please call to learn more about this exciting program and the breakdown of how much money you can save on each bottle and how you can submit invoices retroactively.

Preventative Care & Products

Laser Therapy
Companion animals will receive instant relief of pain, inflammation and swelling associated with soft tissue injuries, trauma, surgery and chronic everyday disorders. A relatively new branch of medicine, the Class IV laser delivers a large amount of... Read More...

At Park Ridge Animal Hospital we offer acupuncture as part of your pets care.  Acupuncture can treat a variety of ailments.  It is performed for many reasons, the primary one is to relieve pain.  Pets with arthritis, back or other... Read More...

Regular dental cleanings are an important part of your pet’s health care.   By the age of four, most pet's show signs of oral disease.  Serious consequences can occur if left untreated such as heart and kidney disease. ... Read More...

Exotic Pet Care
At Park Ridge Animal Hospital we provide care for less common pets including Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rodents, Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Reptiles, and Ferrets.  From preventative care to treatment of illnesses, we are here to serve your exotic... Read More...

Feline Medicine
Park Ridge Animal Hospital offers a wide range of services to meet all of your pet’s needs.  Our highly trained veterinarians and staff are dedicated to providing your pet the highest level of care possible.  We are not only... Read More...

We offer in house and outside laboratory services, from preventative care such as screening for intestinal parasites to diagnostic bloodwork to detect disease. We have state of the art chemistry, electrolyte, cbc and computerized lab reading... Read More...

Microchip Your Pet
With millions of pets becoming lost each year, microchipping pets has made it possible to track a lost animal through technology and equip your pet with "permanent identification". Here is some information on Microchipping Your Pet Microchipping is... Read More...

Nutritional Counseling
Nutrition is key for the health and longevity of your pet. Complete, balanced diets, fed in proper amounts will help maintain a long life for your pets. We offer diets & diet suggestions to meet all life stages. We also offer prescription diets... Read More...

Senior and Geriatric Care
More than half of our patients at Park Ridge Animal Hospital are considered to be senior pets.  We provide many services for these pets to help provide a better quality of life in their golden years.  We offer screening packages including... Read More...

At PRAH our first priority with any surgical procedure is your pet’s safety.  Before undergoing any surgical procedure we recommend pre-surgical testing that includes, but is not limited to, blood work, electrocardiogram and a chest... Read More...

Ultrasound offers versatility in diagnosing illness and monitoring in “real time”. It also assists with fine needle biopsies. Ultrasound is painless, noninvasive and facilitates medical diagnoses. Just a few of the capabilities to... Read More...