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Community Involvement in Park Ridge, NJ

Park Ridge Animal Hospital is dedicated to this community—to the people and pets who call it home. That’s why we volunteer our time, talent, and resources to supporting several pet-centered community organizations. Please read about them below and consider donating some of your own time to these wonderful causes.

Our Community Involvement

Halfway Hounds

Halfway Hounds is a dog rescue organization dedicated to finding homes for homeless dogs and providing essential training to make them more adoptable. They accept dogs who are turned away at shelters due to over-capacity or are owner-surrendered. Many of these dogs have correctable behavioral issues that have lost them a home. Halfway Hounds trains these dogs to be better companions and then offers them up for adoption. Halfway Hounds also provides training resources to all owners, whether you’ve adopted from them or not. Visit their website for more information!

Tails of Hope

This organization supports military working dogs and their human partners. We help by raising funds for their campaigns and donating items. Human partners are usually entirely responsible for their military working dog’s needs, and the costs can multiply fast. Some of the items we accept for donation include warming and cooling vests, eye and ear wash, booties, pad tough for their paws, toys, and treats. We also collect donations for our soldiers overseas including warm winter clothing and outerwear, personal hygiene items, and entertainment items like books, magazines, and games. Visit for more information.

Support Our 4-Legged Soldiers

Support Our 4-Legged Soldiers sends care packages overseas to soldiers and their working dogs. They also work to educate the community about the importance of working dogs not only in military services but in all walks of life. We support this wonderful organization by donating veterinary supplies, Kongs and other toys, and treats to working dog teams in the U.S. and overseas. Learn more at

The Seeing Eye

The Seeing Eye breeds and trains seeing eye dogs for people with visual impairment. We are so honored to be the veterinarians of choice for many of The Seeing Eye’s puppies. Our staff love watching them grow from tiny pups into strong young dogs and hearing the stories of their training, adventures, and eventual placement with a person with visual impairment. We also get to see some of the retired or rehomed dogs that are no longer in the program. Learn about this organization at

Mickey's Kids and Canine Assistants

Mickey’s Kids raises money to place service dogs from Canine Assistants with children who are disabled. Canine Assistants is a non-profit organization that trains service dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities or other special needs. We provide free and discounted care to families with service canines as well as parasite protection and care when they are ill. Our goal is to help these families by keeping their canine partner as healthy as possible. Visit to learn more!